WeCycle greatly appreciate the donation of unwanted bikes and bicycle parts for our project but would like to ask our donors to consider the usefulness of their donations.
Donation bikes and parts need to be of some use for our purpose. We are not able to accept supermarket bikes such as Crane, Huffy, Dunlop and Kent as we have found that they often have the following problems which make them unsuitable for re-homing:

  • Poor quality metal and chrome which rust after just a short time exposed to the elements.
  • Peeling paint
  • Too heavy
  • Grip shifters that seize
  • Low quality components that are not repairable

We thank you for your consideration in this matter.

WeCycle would like to thank everyone who has generously supported our project:

Without the help of many kind and generous people and organisation WeCycle could not have been established and operate as it does,  so our very special thanks go out to:

  • Our co-founder Gayle and I would like to thank our partners and families for their understanding and belief.
  • Our friends from the Darebin Community Leaders in Sustainability program. With special thanks to Charlie, Sam and Eva for their help and support.
  • Georgia and everyone from The Banksia Gardens Bike Hub for their advice.
  • Nell Sudano from Squeaky Wheel for invaluable advice and brain picking.
  • Kim Northmore, for big time logistical support as well as saving and donating a bike
  • Special thank you to Alan Page 
  • George Antinopolis  
  • Dave Wolkam 
  • Jarrod Sandow
  • Kia Castro
  • And a very special BIG thank to everyone at Good cycles for your support, advice and cooperation 

Then there are the many generous donations of bicycles, parts equipment. Thank you

  • The Castro family
  • Kim Northmore 
  • Liz Wheeler
  • Helen Maclean 
  • Tim Brooks
  • Kristi from Eaglemont 
  • Maria Foroudi 
  • Wendy Miller
  • Liz Pierce 
  • Robin Vallins 
  • Jon Cina 
  • Hutch Hassein
  • Susan from Hadfield 
  • Lucy Campbell
  • Shannon Birchall
  • Jane Homewood
  • Paul Vascotto
  • Anna Sissling
  • Kathy Robinson
  • Susana and Michael Manto
  • Pauline Hernon
  • Emma Thulborn
  • Vicki Bell
  • Sarah Ciacia  
  • Joanne and Paul Armarego
  • Jacqui Powell
  • Nathan Fraser
  • Steve from Northcote 
  • Wendy Miller
  • Elizabeth 
  • Danielle Wortman 
  • Sally Both
  • Robert Howson
  • Hannah Hayman
  • And so many generous and wonderful peaople too many to name