Our mission is to provide bicycles to members of the community who would otherwise not have the means to obtain a bicycle and to empower people to maintain their own bicycle and provide accessible learning opportunities for all levels of ability.


  • To re-use old bicycles and bicycle parts to keep environmental and financial costs low, thereby keeping useful resources from going to landfill.
  • We advocate environmental preservation and conservation by encouraging the use of the bicycle as a sustainable form of transportation and recreation
  • To promote cycling as a safe, viable and affordable transport option.
  • We are not-for profit and any profits will go back into the project.


  1. Reduce landfill by repairing and recycling unwanted bicycles
  2. Facilitate access to cycling and bicycle maintenance as a sustainable means of transport in order to reduce traffic congestion and pollution
  3. Empower women to gain access to an independent means of transport
  4. Provide low-cost bicycles to marginalised members of our community
  5. Help members of the community to keep fit and healthy
  6. Offer opportunities to enhance community connectedness and social inclusion to both our clients and our volunteers