Bike #1

The bikes were beginning to pile up in our one car garage, so far, so good!

But there is no point collecting all of these push-bikes, cleaning them up and making repairs, if we didn't have anyone to benefit from them.

We put the word out.

Through our friend Helen, from the Community Leaders in Sustainability program we were introduced to Julia at the Jesuit Social Services, she was kind enough to put us onto a couple of refugee/asylum seeker support groups.

Gayle can tell the rest of the story:

"I sent an email to Clara at Foundation House who sent it out to the team of councilors.
Just got a phone call from one of the councilors Mike who has a young Iranian asylum seeker who lives at a community housing complex.  He had two or three bikes previously that have been stolen, there is a problem with bike theft at the housing complex."

Perfect! One men's bike and one big-ass lock to keep it where he put it!

A couple of days later Gayle and I met The young man and handed over a freshly serviced Kona Mountain bike, ready to go with a chunky lock.

 A quiet spoken and friendly guy, who has been in Australia for the past three years on a bridging visa awaiting paperwork to be processed for permanent residency.

We wish our new friend the best for the future and hope that his bike gives him many years of fun and service.

Bike #1 - Done!