Solomon's Story

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Solomon’s Story - By Ryley Howard-Scales

We recently spoke with Solomon, a single Dad with three children about his experience of receiving a bicycle from WeCycle. Solomon received a bicycle fitted with a child seat in order to ride his youngest son to kindergarten. The bicycle has proved a success, delivering many great outcomes for Solomon and his family.

Before receiving the bicycle from WeCycle, Solomon and his youngest son would walk for over an hour in order to get to the kindergarten, taking this trip every day during the week. This left both Solomon and his son tired and exhausted making it more difficult for his Son to fully participate at kindergarten and harder for Solomon to focus on his studies.

With the bike, the trip only takes 20 minutes, not only saving a lot of time but meaning that Solomon’s son is now a lot more eager to go to kindergarten. Solomon talked about how his Son now really looks forward to going to kindergarten and has a lot of fun being ridden there. Upon arriving at the kindergarten, Solomon’s son waves to everyone from his bicycle seat as others arrive and is proud of his unique transport method of getting to kindergarten.


Whilst the main purpose of the bicycle has been transporting Solomon’s youngest son to kindergarten, the bicycle has also allowed the whole family to go to the local park and ride their bikes. Solomon commented on how fun it has been for all the boys to be able to go riding together. With his youngest son showing a keen interest in riding and being able to ride his own bicycle at the park.

Solomon is appreciative of the fact that he was provided with a bicycle that was tailored to his needs. Without a child seat on the bike, the bicycle would not have proved anywhere near as beneficial. Solomon had previously tried other organizations and was unable to find a bicycle that could be provided with a child seat.

Solomon’s story is just one of the many recipients of bikes from WeCycle and shows what great benefits a bicycle can make to someone’s life.